As part of the industry for more than 20 years, I have learned a lot. As the industry continues to change I’m learning even more. This is where I share all that with you.

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Stay Home and Work With Me

An online consultation will increase possibilities – right now, I can work with you on your career from the self-isolating comfort of your own living room. Thanks to online technology I will be the second set of eyes …

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Why are Soft Skills so Important?

Sometimes I lament when I hear about graduates and the career trajectory they think they can launch themselves into immediately. I am absolutely that person that says you should aim high, BUT aim realistically too …

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I Hate Recruiters

Ha! So do I. I can’t tell you how many clients say that to me, and how many in fact ring up and say first up “hello my name is Steve, I hate recruiters and I have never had any success with them …”

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