As part of the industry for more than 20 years, I have learned a lot. As the industry continues to change I’m learning even more. This is where I share all that with you.

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Take Aim at Your Next Big Thing

There are many online marketing options available and it’s smart to take advantage of them. It also makes sense to add another highly focused weapon to your arsenal, and that’s us. Come onboard …

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Why Your Website Needs a Makeover

Right now your website is doing all the talking for you so make sure it’s saying the right things. What worked before might not be delivering right now. And while we don’t know what the future holds …

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Stay Home and Work With Me

An online consultation will increase possibilities – right now, I can work with you on your career from the self-isolating comfort of your own living room. Thanks to online technology I will be the second set of eyes …

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Why are Soft Skills so Important?

Sometimes I lament when I hear about graduates and the career trajectory they think they can launch themselves into immediately. I am absolutely that person that says you should aim high, BUT aim realistically too …

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I Hate Recruiters

Ha! So do I. I can’t tell you how many clients say that to me, and how many in fact ring up and say first up “hello my name is Steve, I hate recruiters and I have never had any success with them …”

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