Sally's Insights - Sally Brownbill Chooses a Unicorn

Let the
magic happen.

That was the suggestion in a recent testimonial. “Sally would ride into battle on a thunderous, snorting grey. Or possibly, a unicorn.”

We’re opting for the unicorn because that magical, mythical creature suits someone who has her feet so firmly on the ground.

When you work with Sally Brownbill, things change.

Her folio and website consultations help you feel supported, more confident and better prepared to take the next step. You just know you’re not out there on your own.

You can draw confidence from Sally’s deep understanding of the creative industries and an enviable network gathered over many years.

Everyone who works with Sally gets to experience the magic of the Brownbill Effect. They find the right people, the right job, freelance opportunities and most importantly, they feel ready to take the next big step.

It’s tough out there but opportunities still exist so contact Sally Brownbill 0403 382 831 for a consult (Zoom, or in-person if appropriate) or simply to talk about what you want from your career.

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