Find your ideal creative role or the perfect person for the job.

I know the creative industry inside out and my network includes everyone from students, recent graduates to the very experienced across all roles in agencies and design studios. I’ll work with you to find that creatively fulfilling freelance work, contract or full-time job. And you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for someone to fill an important role in your agency, studio or business. 


I work closely with freelancers to find the work that suits their skills and experience. This ensures you get the right fit for your skill sets and personality and prospective employers get exactly what they’re looking for. My network is ever-growing and everyone who works with me benefits from making these valuable connections. If we both feel a consultation with me will increase your viability, we can also go down that path. It’s another way of making sure you are as polished as you need to be in the competitive freelance market. 


Thanks to my extensive network I am often contacted to find the right person to fill a full-time role, so if you’re interested in that option we should talk. I’d love to discover exactly what you’re looking for and the work you’ve done until now. There are many creative avenues open to you, including roles in Account Management. My network is ever-growing and my relationships within it are strong. This is based on my reputation for knowing and presenting exceptional talent. I look forward to introducing you to some great opportunities.

To the Employer

I encourage all potential employers to talk to me about my incredible network of creatives. Over the years I have experienced great success with full-time placements and you can depend on a high level of skill and initiative from every freelance or full-time creative I put forward. To keep things fair, I only charge employers a one-off fee for full-time placements, if I find the right person and you hire them. I will outline freelance and full-time fees when we speak, but know you will be pleasantly surprised. Contact me to find or fill a creative position.

Looking for talent?