Sally Brownbill leads a small but talented team including one who can demolish a bone bigger than her head.

Sally Brownbill

Managing Director

Sally is highly respected and trusted by everyone she has helped in the creative industry for over 20 years. As a genuine connector, Sally gets it. She has the unique ability to combine her extraordinary knowledge and experience with an empathy for creatives and those running creative businesses. Sally has developed a reputation as the authoritative voice on folio construction, career advice and selecting images for exhibition and websites. She has also become a much sought-after judge, lecturer and keynote speaker and sits on a variety of course advisory boards.

Anne-Maree McKernan

Keeper of Books

Lany the Dog

Chewer of Bones

Who couldn’t love that face? Lany is an English Staffy who adds a lot of fun to the office where she greets all clients with gusto and will leap on any lap that will have her.

Staffies can suffer from separation anxiety, so she’s delighted to be alongside the team playing her role in the daily activities. Loyal, in-your-face, playful and totally adorable, Lany is a big part of the business and adds a warm fuzzy dimension to the working day.

PanPan Vongsrirungruang

The Intern

I am so thrilled to have Pan Pan working with me in 2024. Pan Pan is a final year Design Student at Swinburne University and has a love of UX Interaction design, and Illustration. We worked together this year for 10 weeks as part of a team and she is an absolute delight, friendly and fabulous. We have touched on updating some of our designs for the newsletter etc for next year and I cant wait to see what other fabulous ideas she has for The Brownbill Effect. She also loves Lany which is a bonus and has already started working on some campaigns on day 2 and they are looking amazing.

Charlotte Tiong


Charlotte is a recent graduate of Communication Design Honours from Swinburne University. She loves fashion and photography, which is fabulous for me to be able to spoil her by introducing her to photographers work and taking her out to see some studios in action too. Charlotte and I worked together when she was in her third year at Swinburne University, so I know what a talented designer she is and how super organised as well. Charlotte also totally understands the Brownbill Effect brand and is already looking at updating the cover page on the website with new material on day one on her own…I love that. I can’t wait for all of you to meet and work with Charlotte, she is going to be another huge asset to the business.

Eliza Mansfield-Lewis

The Intern

I am really excited to be working with Eliza Mansfield-Lewis another wonderful Swinburne Honours Design student. Eliza moved to Melbourne from Ballarat to study and I am thrilled she will be working with The Brownbill Effect for 2023. Eliza blew me away with the variety of work in her folio and “can-do attitude” in our interview and has started on a wonderful note by submitting some fabulous campaign designs. It’s going to be a great year working together, I’m really excited for us both. And Eliza and Lany get on like old friends, she is a dog person .. phew!

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