My consultations will result in important, practical changes in how you present yourself and your work. They will also inspire and energise you.

Everyone benefits from experienced guidance and this is what I provide. Just to be clear, I am not an agent but I do know what works for creatives in a crowded and competitive market. I have worked in the industry for over twenty years and have a deep understanding of how it functions. I also sit on advisory boards, guest lecture, give talks, judge photography and design, all of which has delivered a high degree of expertise.


Career Consultation

During a two hour consult, I will appraise your work and discuss the direction in which you’d like to take your career. Together we will:

  • uncover your strengths and weaknesses
  • refine your CV
  • discuss how we can approach your folio and website
  • create a plan to market yourself
  • learn the best way to approach new clients
  • develop strategies to help your business
  • reignite your enthusiasm

This is all about you and the support you need to be the best you can be. 

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New Folio Consultation

I love helping creatives re-design their folios and am constantly impressed with the difference selecting the right images and sequencing them can make.
Together we will:

  • design and edit your new folio
  • highlight your abilities in an impactful way
  • select the right work for the most effective display
  • re-organise so you take the viewer on a journey
  • make turning every page, digital or print, an exciting experience

I have the experience to bring the clarity and refinement that makes a real difference to your folio and will help you stand out in a competitive market.

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Website Re-Vamp Consultation

Like all of us, websites can get a bit tired. This consultation will bring a new surge of energy to your online presence. Together we will:

  • decide what’s working and what’s not
  • give you ideas on how to upgrade important areas
  • discuss how to re-order your images, what to add and what to leave out
  • cut out any confusion and introduce new subject headings
  • review your all-important About page
  • discuss how to plan for the future of the site 

Please note
: The revamp is a discussion of ideas only. If you would like more hands-on work, please book a New Website consultation.  

New Website Consultation

This is a ‘roll our sleeves up’, all-action consultation that will create a dynamic website, one of your best marketing tools. Together we will:

  • discuss your ambitions for the site
  • go through your work in detail
  • create the perfect sequence for the most impactful layout
  • decide on links, headings, and explanatory detail
  • create an impressive About page
  • brief the right designer and web developer

I’ve seen the difference good decisions can make. This consultation is intense but exciting.

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Arrange a Consultation

I’m a creative person so I understand where you’re coming from and the pressures you’re under. During our consultation, I’ll possibly challenge your point of view but it’s important to remember, I’m always on your side. The advice I provide is tried and tested over many years. 

The range of consulting services I offer can be arranged specifically to suit what you want to achieve right now. Contact me for a copy of the rates for each consult and let’s discuss how we can showcase your strengths and support you in the best possible way.