The Brownbill Effect offers a range of highly specialised support for individual creatives and the creative industry.


I will review your two most important marketing tools – your folio and website.  My career consultations will help you develop a strategy for getting ahead and a great CV to support it. If you’re preparing for an exhibition, I will guide you in curating the work. It’s important to note, all consultations work equally well on Zoom.

Creative Directory

This hand-picked resource is the definitive on-line creative networking tool in the country. List your profile here or call me, to reach my vast and ever-growing industry network. The small outlay will be one of your most effective marketing spends for the year.

Assistant Register

You’ve learned a lot, but now you’re ready to learn a whole lot more. Create a profile and connect with the photographers, videographers and producers in The Brownbill Effect network.

Freelance & Full-time

One of my greatest skills is connecting people. If you want freelance work or a full-time role, I will ensure you find the right fit. If you’re looking for creative talent, I am constantly meeting and advising the highly skilled people that could be perfect for you.

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