Talking about the creative industry and helping people be the best they can be is what drives me. I come to life in front or behind the camera and these videos are a celebration of my enthusiasm and the energy of those around me.

Collarts Career Talk 2023

Collarts Career Talk 2023 - Part 1 - The Brownbill Effect

Collarts Career Talk 2023 - Part 2 - The Industry Career and Creativity

Collarts Career Talk 2023 - Part 3 - Career Preparation and Assisting

RMIT Hungry Talks 2022

Episode 1

This episode of Between Two Ferns brings a parody between Melbourne’s best advertising recruiter and Zach Galifianakis look-alike, Emilia Lakhi. Each week on Hungry Talks we will deep-dive into tips, based on my book ‘How to Develop Your Career as a Photographer’. In this week’s segment, we are looking at how students can find their inspiration.

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Episode 2

The hotplate’s on and I get a grilling by Emilia Lakhi in Between Two Ferns. Brace yourself as I deliver an intriguing response to the age-old question of how to manage challenges and change.

I encourage students to tackle one problem at a time and have confidence in their own abilities. In true Between Two Ferns style, much awkwardness ensues! Pack yourself a tasty treat and get ready for the belly laughs with these deliberate comedic errors.

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Episode 3

Do you ever wonder if this is the right path? Where are you going? Is this the right course for you? Will you ever get that job? And what about the niggling question, always in the back of your mind… Am I good enough? Eliminate that imposter syndrome with career consultant Sally Brownbill’s tips on how to know your value in this week’s edition of Between Two Ferns.

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Episode 4

This week on Between Two Ferns; why is networking important when we work in communication? Find out why I say you need to advertise your personal brand and how to put yourself out there.

My top tip: Start while you’re still at uni!

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Episode 5

Tune in for another wacky Between Two Ferns with Emilia Lakhi this week, where we examine collaboration.

Collaboration means more than just working with other people – it also brings out your creativity. Why not have both?

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Episode 6

I am back in episode 6 of Between Two Ferns. This week we look at how to avoid mistakes – you can’t!

My tips include removing the safety net, and don’t try to do it all or spread yourself too thin.

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Episode 7

I give some great advice on how to present yourself and your folio in episode 7 of Between Two Ferns.

Believe in your work and be confident! Make sure you plan your folio, and remember to focus on the positive responses – you can’t please everyone!

You’ve got this!

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Episode 8

This week on Between Two Ferns, I lend my charisma in an episode about self-doubt and second guessing.

We’ve all been there! That paralysing fear of failure when you realise you’ve made a mistake. Or that inability to trust in your own value! My tips include listening to the good opinions of other people, and always remember – life is FULL of second chances.

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Episode 9

I dish up some great tips this week on creating your action plan for your new career!

We all need to work at getting work. Getting your dream job without actively seeking and preparing is pie-in-the-sky thinking. Don’t sit back and wait! Always respond, and pick up the phone! And remember – it’s not all about you. There are other people in this employment matrix; thinking of others will help your career progression.

Get busy with my career tips now!

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Episode 10

It’s my last episode with us this week and I bought Christmas with me!

This week we’re looking at the nuts and bolts of your upcoming career.

Did you know that all the hard work is carried out behind the scenes? As far as everyone else is concerned, your workload and journey is easy – but if we’re organised and stay on top of everything, it’s not just pretence!

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