Don’t just take my word for the power of The Brownbill Effect. Here is some much appreciated endorsement.

Here’s what people say


“Being on the assistant register was a fantastic way to gain real world experience and learn from a variety of different photographers and businesses. I was exposed to a wide range of different sets and situations that allowed me to develop and consolidate my skills in a practical environment while also getting paid. I liked that being on the register was also a passive yet reliable way to bring in work.  I would recommend assisting thru Sally’s register to any student or aspiring photographer looking to get a start in the industry.”

Thomas Breakwell – Former Photography Assistant

“We have worked with Sally for many years now at Brands to life and each time she has presented us with impressive talent. She seems to have this innate ability to tap into the right person for the role in next to no time.”

Paul Findlay, Brands to life – Founder / Creative Director


“The Brownbill effect is effective – and it’s all down to Sally’s incredible warmth, smarts and genuine connections with her clients and industry contacts.
Sally is the champion in your corner that you didn’t know you needed. Taking the time to get to know you and what you are looking for, she aligns opportunities like constellations and ensures you find (and land) a role that fits you.
Through CV review and trajectory tips, to lining up interviews Sally’s encouragement and guidance was invaluable.”

Georgia Symes – Media Communications

“From the moment I met Sally, I felt an instant connection and knew that she would be there for me when I needed assistance in finding the best role for me and my future in marketing. Sally took the time to get to know me really well and therefore understood the type of working environment, company and personnel that would be a perfect match for me and my lifestyle. Needless to say, through her connections and understanding of the industry, I am now in my dream role with an amazing agency. Thanks Sally x”

Lynette Powell – Senior Account Manager

Jess Do_square

“After graduating university, Sally helped me with finding freelance work. For a while I felt stuck and knew I needed a change. She continued to help me tremendously in finding my own confidence and now I am working full time at a wonderful brand agency! Sally was always there to encourage me and I can’t thank her enough for her support!”

Jess Do – Graphic Designer

“While Sally’s industry network and contacts are extensive in the design and creative sectors, she really went out on the limb when she assisted the Counting on U research team at Deakin University to find and recruit a research administrator.  Despite working outside her comfort zone, Sally was able to identify the ‘ideal’ person for our research team.  Sally’s success is based on a good understanding of the client’s needs via her impeccable listening skills.”

Professor George Tanewski – Co-Chief investigator at Counting On U

counting on u
finn 2

“Sally’s industry connections and experience, with a signature approach to finding new fits gave me real confidence in landing a creative role. Sally checks-in regularly and helps set up for success throughout the hiring process too — invaluable!”

Finn Astle – Copywriter

“From the very beginning, Sally took the time to get to get to know me on a personal level, understanding not only my qualifications and experience but also my values and what I was looking for in my next career move. Sally was on top of everything, always keeping me in the loop with any opportunities that arose, and providing me with guidance and support throughout the entire process, making me feel at ease.

Thanks to Sally’s unwavering dedication and hard work, I landed a job that was everything I could have asked for and more”

Sarah Moulten – Graphic Designer

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“Sally has an enormous network of design studios and businesses, and always has an opportunity up her sleeve. In preparation for finding you work, Sally takes all the steps necessary to put you in the best position possible for employment. This includes providing valuable advice on how to present CVs, portfolios and yourself, all backed by many years of experience. She’s a people person and knows how to place you somewhere where you’ll belong. Can’t recommend Sally enough!”

Michael Smith – Graphic Designer

“Upon graduating university I felt overwhelmed at the idea of entering a new profession, however Sally gave me the confidence and opportunity to secure a dream position. From application to interview, Sally was a huge help. Her genuine kindness as well as her knowledge of the industry was invaluable. I am forever grateful for her constant support and wonderful guidance!”

Holly Nugent – Creative Services Project Manager


“Sally’s a great, down-to-earth person who makes you feel like she’s your long-lost auntie ready to give you biscuits and support.

So I knew when I was stuck finding a job she wouldn’t just help me find a place to work, but the right one. After a phone call talking to Sally she knew straight away that Account Management was for me. Sally fixed up my resume and got me an interview the next week, which then lead to a job offer on the spot. She has continuously checked up on how I’ve been going. 

It’s been 8 months and I’m still so happy I took Sally’s advice, bit of a dream job with puppies running around the joint.”

Carina Boyle – Account Manager

“After 16 years running my own freelance consultancy, the prospect of returning to full time employment was daunting to say the least, and after viewing countless job ads looking for ‘unicorns’, I considered my chances of returning to the agency fold as an ‘old-school’ creative, (where lived experience is actually considered an asset) pretty slim.

Enter Sally, who not only took the time to listen and care about what I needed, she connected me with an incredible agency who ticked every single box in my wish list.

Her positivity, understanding, experience and passion was a game-changer for me, and I’m now happily ensconced with the most brilliant tribe of people. Even better, it took Sally a mere 4 weeks to make this magic happen.

My advice for potential job seekers? Don’t waste your time playing around with soul-destroying recruiters who woo you then ghost you. Sally is the real deal.”

Favia Mazdon – Copywriter

square IMG_5149

“My greatest desire has always been to work within environments that help me grow professionally (and personally). Workplaces that are challenging, engaging, and a good amount of fun! 

Sally has nailed the brief twice now. Her ability to hear what you do and don’t say to match you with the best job and place is a true gift. Once again I am indebted to her.”

Ande Crossan – Senior Marketing and Advertising Specialist 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sally over the last few years to help find a diamond in the rough. Recruiting is tough at the best of times, Sally however, seems to have a unique knack of knowing just the right person via her amazing network.

Even when sometime our job description was broad, she was able to find a match. No swiping left or right, just good quality conversations with a true professional who took the time to understand who we were looking for.”

Dave Hickling – Co Founder and Director, Bond Software Group


“Sally is a breath of fresh air when it comes to recruitment! She has a genuine interest in not only finding ‘a’ job for her clients, but the ‘right’ job. I was not exactly sure what I was looking for at the time and with her career coaching and guidance I discovered what my next career move needed to be, and she delivered with the perfect role”

Leah Rushworth – Director of Operations

“The Brownbill Effect was instrumental in helping me take the next step in my career. Sally totally reframed my approach, she saw where my strengths lie and helped me hone in on those assets to allow me to put my best foot forward.

Sally reinvigorated my confidence and connected me to her vast network, taking the time to really understand who I was and not just finding great opportunities that anyone would be excited to take, but the right ones for me.

Sally was supportive throughout and fully invested herself in my success. She operated as a teammate that sustained my momentum and offered sage wisdom through every step and with her help ended up in a fantastic full-time role. She’s the one you want in your corner.”

Joey Sowry – Digital Creative


Within the first minute of our 2-hour Zoom consultation Sally’s warmth and joie-de-vivre immediately put me at ease. I had selected a broad variety of photographs in different genres for Sally to distil. I welcomed her honest and direct approach. Sally gave clear concise explanations why some of my images worked and others did not.

Theresa Lee – Amateur Photographer

“I have been in contact with Sally for a few years now, and when I reached out to her recently about wanting a new role she really listened to who I am and what I like and took the time to know who I was and what I wanted.

So when she simply told me to go have a meeting with my now boss I didn’t think twice. She knew me, she knew him and she knew we would get along.

I am very happy in my current role and anticipate I will only get happier. Thank you Sally for really paying attention to what I wanted and what I needed.”

Ashley Tenaglia – Graphic Designer


“The second I got off the phone from our first conversation, I knew Sally would find me the role I had been searching for. If you want someone who is going to play hardball and really root for you when it counts, Sally is the one for you! I am so grateful for all her help and guidance throughout the process. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am without her. Thank you, Sally!”

Taylor Huyskens – Account Manager

“I have known Sally for many years now. And she is indeed the eyes, ears and mouth of the advertising industry. Sally put me in contact with Ubaldo at eg+ and after a couple of online meetings I’m now Creative Director at eg+ Clemenger BBDO. The whole experience was seamless. I can’t thank you enough Sally, your industry experience and connections are invaluable. The Brownbill Effect is a thing!”

Simon Kitching – Creative Director


“Working with Sally has been amazing. She is always responsive and listens to my concerns. We work together to figure out what my next best steps are. Being forced to work remotely with clients and agencies is unquestionably challenging. Sally knows exactly who to match me with both in terms of personality and skillset. I’m so grateful for Sally’s intuition and broad network, keeping me busy working on projects that are both challenging and rewarding.”

Alex Virr – Graphic Designer

“I can’t thank Sally enough for the help she has given me and my team over the past year. She’s connected us with five talented designers, often at extremely short notice, to help us get campaigns out in market at pace. It’s clear that Sally is incredibly generous with the guidance she gives to the creatives she works with – making it so easy for us to work with them too. As well as being fantastic at what she does, Sally is always a joy to talk to. What a bonus!”

Nikola Sarbinowski, Unicef – Marketing Manager


“Sally has helped me on two occasions to place Senior Graphic Designers within a corporate organisation. Sally has a strong understanding of the creative and design industry which is hard to find with other recruiters. When Sally is talking to you about a possible candidate you can tell she really knows them and genuinely cares about finding the right position for both a candidate and employer. Sally is authentic, creative, and truly fantastic and what she does. I often like to think she is like a secret weapon for me to find the very best creative in-house people. Clearly, I have no hesitation in recommending Sally and will be using her to find all my creative talent in the future. “

Kath Carroll, Sushi Sushi – Former Marketing Director

“Sally has not only found me the perfect job but also helped me better position applications, and guided me towards roles that suited me. Although she was busy, Sally was patient and thoughtful. She took the time to check in regularly and find out how I was going. Her knowledge and connections are invaluable. Sally genuinely cares, and I really appreciate her warmth and guidance throughout the whole process.”

Ellie May – Graphic Designer


“Sally has been nothing short of unbelievable from the moment I connected with her. From providing incredible, constructive feedback regarding my portfolio and resume through to understanding my strengths as a graphic designer to land me the perfect job, she opened doors that I never thought I would ever be able to walk through. I truly can’t thank her enough for the effort she devoted to help me get to where I am today.”

Jamie Ryan – Graphic Designer

“I first met Sally when I moved to Melbourne from Sydney back in 2017 and she made me feel not only welcomed to the city but I also felt she understood my career aspirations. Sally offered me roles that were relevant to where I wanted to take my career and listened to what I wanted in a workplace environment which is what makes Sally stand out as a recruiter. I’m thankful to have Sally as a career sidekick!”

Jacinta Manivong – Social Media Manager


“I bumped into Sally at a function after a few years of not seeing each other. She asked me what I was up to and when I told her I was doing contract work but ready to find something full-time, I could instantly see her searching her internal database. Within 5 minutes, she had summed up to me and my experience. Within 10 minutes, she told me she had a job that would be perfect for me. Four weeks later, I started my new role! When Sally knows, she knows. She’s not only a walking Rolodex, but she is also the best matchmaker in town!”

Ande Crossan – Account Manager

“Reaching out to Sally for help with my job search was the best decision! Within 2 weeks of contact, I had a job interview and offer. Sally made it very easy and was encouraging and supportive the entire way through the process. She considered my previous experience, current skillset, and future aspirations to find me the perfect role where I can continue to grow and develop my design skills. Thank you very much Sally!”

Sarah Hadkins – Graphic Designer


“Sally was everything I could have asked for and more! From the very beginning, Sally was extremely present and attentive. I was always kept in the loop, with regular check-ins that also included lovely chats, with Sally stepping in as a mentor and friend along every bump in the road. I have Sally to thank for my new amazing position, that I feel so at home in. Without Sally’s help, I wouldn’t have realised that my skills spanned far further than I initially thought. I would recommend Sally to everyone I know in any creative field. She is well connected, grounded, and supportive. “

Lily Ferguson – Creative Services Project Manager

“Finding a job in my field of work can be quite difficult, most of the time these aren’t advertised. Given Sally’s extensive network in the creative industry, she was able to find the right role for me. She not only did an excellent job at communicating thoroughly with me, but she also negotiated everything on my behalf, beyond what I would have done for myself. 

Thank you Sally, I truly appreciate the opportunity.”

Felipe Canales – Retoucher


“Getting in contact with Sally was such a wonderful experience. She helped me give my work a much-needed revamp and gave me the confidence that I was heading in the right direction. She also worked tirelessly to find me several amazing opportunities that I don’t even know how I would have gotten without her assistance. Thank you Sal, you’re a star!”

Hugh Brooks – Graphic Designer

“Sally has been as valuable of an asset to us as the people she recruits. We’ve found our amazing freelance team to support our crew through Sal and we can’t thank her enough!”

Rachael Frawley, Former Thinkerbell – Traffic Cop


“Having a career consultation with Sally was incredibly helpful. She gave me some great objective insights about where I could take my career from her experience in working with video producers like me. If you’re looking for clarity on future opportunities or direction, do not hesitate to reach out to Sally. Having a chat with her is well worth the investment.”

Bailey Cook – Video Producer

“The Brownbill Effect has been one the best agencies I have ever worked with. Sally has presented me with fantastic opportunities with her amazing client bases in and all around Melbourne allowing me to build up my portfolio and eventually find a full-time role that suited me. She has been fully supportive every step of the way. Sally has set the bar in understanding work life, balancing career goals and passions along with constantly providing me with great enthusiasm. Sally has made me feel well supported to navigate all sorts of situations including the pandemic. The Brownbill Effect and Sally are one of a kind in Melbourne to work with and I look forward to working with her again one day. “

Keiryn Bailey – Graphic Designer


“Being able to meet Sally through my university course, has been one of the best things I could have asked for, especially when trying to kick-start my career in the communications industry. From day one she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, in particular, knowing the inside processes when it came to applying for these types of jobs. I really valued the time she spent helping me with my resume, cover letter, and preparing me for interviews, where she guided me on how to showcase my skills and talents as an employee. I can honestly say that without Sally, I don’t know where I would be today! “

Emma Cairnes – Account Executive

“Where do I start? I can’t believe the position that Sally found for me, I’ve been working in the proverbial wilderness for so long that I nearly gave up. However, Sally secured the job that I can only dream of, negotiated the rates without any fuss, and all in the middle of these crazy time we’re living in. I can’t thank and recommend her caring assistance enough.”

Bobby Haiqalsyah – Graphic Designer


“Meeting with Sally has definitely put a spring back in my step! Her enthusiasm, reassurance, creative eye and knowledge of the photographic industry were exactly what I needed to help me refocus and get back on track with my career goals. Together Sally and I reassessed my folio, refreshed my website and discussed strategies to achieve the goals for my business moving forward. She is a great support and a fabulous person to work with.”

Jackie Winkelman – Photographer

“When I first got in touch with Sally I was struggling to get back into the world of design after a six-month hiatus, working with Sally I was able to build my confidence again and reignite my passion for design challenges. Sally helped place me in a long-term freelance role with UNICEF Australia, the experience of working with Sally to prepare myself for the role and the ongoing support and communication throughout made the process so positive and enjoyable. After one contract extension and six months of freelance work with UNICEF Australia I have transitioned into a permanent position and I couldn’t be happier. 

The knowledge of the design industry and the feedback and support Sally has given me has been so valuable to my growth as a designer and a professional, I feel more confident in my work and my abilities now, and I look forward to continue working with Sally as a freelancer. “

Liam Shilton – Graphic Designer


“Meeting Sally Brownbill has been an extraordinary ride. The knowledge, contacts, acumen and pure energy Sally brings to the table with every briefing is beyond measure. Having provided several JD’s for immediate placement with specific and demanding challenges for each role only made her happier and more determined to deliver. With such a strong talent pool to dip into, what was even more notable was Sally’s ability to locate and curate key resources that were sometimes unexpected, but always perfect for each placement. I’ve lost count of how many people we have now placed in our creative and studio teams, but everyone has been a perfect fit, meeting each technical discipline but more importantly, proven to be a terrific human, really aligned with our brand and vision. Sally, you are my absolute go to for all specific recruitment, you deliver such impeccable talent options and you make me laugh with joy in the process every time.”

Monique De Jong, Adairs – Former Creative Director

“I first contacted Sally when I graduated from my university course. She helped me curate a resume that highlighted my specialties learnt not only through my degree, but my previous jobs & activities. Being new to the field, Sally helped me understand what the various role titles meant in a practical / day to day sense, which can be quite confronting when stepping out of uni… This made the job hunting process a lot less stressful as I knew exactly what I was applying for. Sally not only found me a job as an account manager at a branding agency but also helped me through the interview process.”

Madi Walters – Account Executive

GOOD IMAGEArla Marlow_Square

“Contacting Sally when I was ready for a job change made what is usually a challenging period easy and stress-free. She was helpful and reassuring and within a few weeks had a series of great opportunities lined up. Sally was constantly in contact with updates and as such the process was made so much easier – I’m so glad I had her on my team.  I love the job I have ended up with and I would definitely recommend her to others.”

Arla Marlow – Research Administrator

“Sally has always been amazing to work with – she seems to know everyone and overflows with excitement and enthusiasm at just the mention of introducing us to her creative network.

We’d relied on Sally in the past when looking for specialised creatives to help meet tricky briefs and always been impressed with the creative talent she’d introduced us to.

So, when we decided to create a new role in our team we went straight to Sally – the process was simple. Sally understood our business and the role we needed –and was committed to finding us the right person – her updates, communication and guidance were really appreciated and helped land the perfect candidate and fit for our team. Couldn’t recommend Sally enough for creative talent recruitment. Thanks Sally.”

Meagan Ward, Twelve Creative – Design and Communication Agency


“Having known Sally for over 30 years, the word that comes immediately to mind is “CONNECTION”. She has always been a connector of people. A conduit between creatives and talent alike. Her effusive enthusiasm always has me leaving her office with a positive can-do attitude. To have positive and productive people in your life is something everyone needs more of today. And Sally has had such a profile for as long as I can remember.”

Bill Wood – TBE Member & Illustrator

“Sally, you’ve been extremely helpful in my job search. As soon as I received that call from you, I knew I was in great hands. I have to admit, it shaved away a layer of stress in finding that career job knowing that Sally was by my side. It’s very refreshing in dealing with someone that is down to earth, sincere and supportive. End result, I got that dream job and you made it happen! Thanks again! Wish you the very best!”

Peter Dunwoodie – Animation/Graphic Designer


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