Sally's Insights - 6 Ways to Crush an Interview

6 Ways to Crush an Interview

I have six great tips to owning your next job interview.

1. Do your research

Put some effort in before you get there  – and this includes knowing how to get there. Learn about them, their brand, and the work they do.

2. Don’t hide your light.

Communicate your strengths and show them your personality. Practise your pitch so it’s short and sweet – and leaves them wanting more.

3. Be yourself.

Not easy when you’re nervous but find topics of  shared interests and your natural enthusiasm will shine.

4. Polish your folio and CV.

Make sure your everything is there and makes sense. Employers want to know you, the person, along with your work ethic. And don’t rely on robots. AI is not working for CVs. They all sound the same. Show you’re a human with a personality.

5. Dress to fit in.

I’m not suggesting you cramp your personal style but think about what outfit will say ‘I belong here’. You’re bound to have one.

6. Talk to me.

There’s little I don’t know about crushing an interview. Or how to create a great CV and folio. So if you’re not sure, I strongly suggest you book a career or folio consultation. 

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