Sally's Insights - The original is always the best.

The original is always the best.

I’ve lived and breathed the creative industry for many years and have developed a deep understanding of how things work. In that time I have helped and represented talent from all corners of the creative industry. I pride myself on working hard to always provide the best fit.

Employers find exactly who they’re looking for and my hand picked creatives enter the full time and freelance work that suits them and their skills. When I place full time talent I charge a one off fee, not a percentage of salary and that fee hasn’t changed over the years. It’s just one of the reasons people keep coming back to me.

My business isn’t about getting bums on seats. I’m more interested in the nurturing than the numbers. And yet I have still developed an amazing network of creatives at all stages of their careers. I’ve also written two books – how to guides on getting a head start in the creative industry -and I have helped guide many aspiring students.

There are always people who think they do what I do, and I’ve watched them come and go.

I have a love for this industry, and it has shone through for over 25 years.

What can I do for you right now?

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