Sally's Insights - 10 Dot Points on How to Interview

I spend a lot of time with creatives on understanding how to best present themselves and their work in an interview.

I recently did a talk to a group of students and was asked to put forward 10 bullet points on how to go about the interview process.

I thought I would share them with you. They are in no specific order, but all equally important.

  • Interview the interviewer (it’s important you understand the role and ask questions too).
  • Be confident, not cocky.
  • Have a plan when you meet them on how you want to show your work.
  • Gauge the meeting to see if they are chatty, quiet, formal, informal and follow accordingly.
  • Never forget it’s an interview.
  • Research the company first.
  • Communication – BE YOU!
  • Don’t bore them, find something in common with them while chatting eg: a project they’ve done, footy team, picture of a pet on their desk.
  • Be relevant.
  • Be individual.

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