Sally's Insights - You’ve Never Had a More Captive Audience

Sally and her best mate, Lany.

I am no different to anybody else out there. Early last week I had my own mini-meltdown and put myself to bed for the afternoon when it all became too overwhelming. When I got up, I blasted myself in the shower, took the dog for a long walk and thought, ‘Okay, do I sink or do I swim?’.

I chose to swim.

I intend to reflect and to reset the clock. The time of deep thought, creative solutions, and facing up to changes that need to be made starts now. There’s never been a better time to grab the attention of potential clients while they’re at home, spending time online. Whether you’re self-employed or run a business, an outstanding online presence will make the most of every opportunity we know is still coming your way.

I don’t know about you, but I have a list as long as my arm called ‘The When I Have Time To Do It’ List. Yours might include plans to clean up your databases, edit old shoots, plan for new shoots and connect and chat with people online. Learning how to use Zoom has proven to be invaluable and I have had many consultations and guest lecturing spots via Zoom the last couple of weeks. I have fully embraced this technology to the point where I am now considering a future in TV or radio!

As well as thinking about business we need to think of ourselves, stay mentally healthy and strong. Eating well and sleeping lots (no nana naps yet) is key to my health and well being.

Embracing change can be difficult and doing it when we have no idea what the hell that change will mean can be challenging at best. Well, now I’m doing it and it’s really satisfying. I’m feeling in control and cleansed. I’m also feeling positive, certainly unsure of the future, but within that, I’m learning to let go and get on with it.

Wondering where the dollars will come from doesn’t go away, but not focussing on it is proving to be invaluable. Work and collaborations are starting to appear. YAY.

This can also be a time for reflection, stillness and regrouping. A wise woman invited me to ask myself ‘What is important?’, ‘What livens me?’, ‘What deadens me?’

This has been totally revealing exercise. I’m not quite sure what it will all look like down the track but I am okay with that. I know it won’t be miles from where I am now and the services I offer, but it will be refined, appropriate for where I am now in my career and life and most of all, it will be considered.

I trust we can swim through this and come out the other side, stronger, better equipped, calmer and ultimately happier. I always remind photographers that this is a wonderful, challenging career, that has enabled you to experience magic. How we work that magic into the new look photography world will be interesting to watch.

I’m excited to see what comes of it all.

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