Sally's Insights - 5 ‘Must Includes’ for your CV

Getting a CV in shape is one of the most important things when looking for a new role. Yes, it’s daunting, but, there are a few simple things to keep in mind when you’re updating it. Here’s my must-haves:


Always include your mobile, email and a link to a folio (if appropriate).

I know this sounds really obvious but you’d be amazed at the amount of CV’s I receive that do not have this information! Instantly it shows me that you’re disorganised and are a poor editor.


Keep your job experience points short and succinct — don’t waffle!

We need to get to the point as quickly as we can, yet include the variety of your skill sets in each job. Whilst your job experience points may be similar for each role you have had, try to vary them across the job descriptions. This will eliminate repetition and a potential viewer getting bored.


Put your personal interests into your CV.

People like to know what makes you tick, what interests you. Such as travel, photography, family, sport. This is also a good opportunity to include something personal and quirky, such as ‘I’m great at making coffee’, ‘Love cats more than dogs, but happy to pat dogs if they’re in the office’. Show your personality!


Remember to include your skills and qualities — this is hugely important for a potential employer to see how you see yourself being represented. It also gives them an opportunity at a quick preview of the kind of roles you would be suited to in their business.

i.e. great attention to detail, strong leadership skills, friendly, flexible, excellent time-management skills.


Include education, achievements and any awards along the way — having a CV is all very well but if you’re not updating it regularly you may forget things.

For example:

  • Short courses on design and folio production
  • Leadership and management roles
  • School captain or awards in excellence achieved
  • Or your involvement in relevant industry communities.

Good luck!

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