Sally's Insights - In an Interview – P.S It’s a Test

Continuing on from my previous post ‘In an Interview’, here are some other points to consider:

If you find yourself in an interview situation where there are several people sitting around a table chatting and the atmosphere has become quite informal, NEVER, NEVER forget you are still in an interview!


  • Start swearing even if they do
  • Talk badly about someone even if they do, you are best to be a bit vague about that person or say you had heard stories but never experienced it yourself
  • Put your feet up on the table even if they do
  • Talk about your partying exploits even if they do
  • REMEMBER — this is all set to test you and what kind of a person you are. You certainly don’t want to pretend to be something that you’re not but you do need to soften the edges in your first interview

I have seen situations exactly like this; where the candidate was perfect and the client was a minute away from offering them a position. The candidate then let their guard down in the relaxed atmosphere of the interview and later the client has rung me to say how great he was and would have been perfect for the job.

BUT can you believe that he spent the last 15 minutes talking about how shit his last boss was and became quite personal. This was enough for the potential employer to be turned off.

You have to remember in a situation like this, the employers thinking what will this person be like when they leave my employ and what will they say about me and my company?

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