Mine my website for gold and hidden gems

Mine my website for gold and hidden gems. Many people visit thebrownbilleffect.com to visit the Creative Directory, the Assistant Register or for information on all my consultations. That’s where you’ll find the gold. However, I’ve stashed some precious gems under the link Resources. This is the extra content that might inspire. ConversationsOver the years I’ve […]

A free creative showcase

My monthly newsletter is filled with inspiring work from the many clever, artistic, and productive people I know. Seeing what others are doing can often provide the creative boost we need to increase our own efforts.

Let’s get that website sparkling

It might not feel like it’s coming but spring will be here before we know it. The tradition of spring cleaning is a good one. We get the chance to make everything clean and fresh so we can approach our lives with renewed energy.

The challenge of recruiting talent today

I know I’m telling you something you’re already aware of, but the well of potential employees is running dry. This is true for nearly every industry and service in Australia.

The Printed Book

I wanted to create an eBook for emerging photographers, and I know it has been helpful to the many who have purchased it.

Prepare to launch into 22/23

The end of the financial year is an ideal time to draw a line under the ledger and hit refresh. What happened in the year just gone can provide a lot of clues as to what should come next.

My book for photographers has a message for you

Last year I wrote an eBook for emerging photographers. My intention was to help them navigate the world of work, build a business, and generally establish themselves in their chosen career.

How to recruit the right people in 2022

As we know, times have changed for everything, everywhere and this is especially true for recruitment. Businesses not directly hit by the pandemic are rushing to find the right talent to speed up the recovery process.