Sally's Insights - More people are moving to Planet Freelance.

More people are moving to Planet Freelance.

They are drawn to the freedom out there. Right now everyone is seeking a greater work life balance and freelancing can offer that. But it is a whole new world.

Freelancing is a business, and it’s important to keep working on your business. The challenges of managing the responsibility of generating your own work, managing your cash flow, and satisfying all your clients are real. But so is your resilience and commitment to making this work.

I have attracted many fantastic freelancers to The Brownbill Effect and I help them deal with everything this way of working throws at them. I also put them in touch with the large number of employers who require freelancers – whether it’s a short term or long term role.

Employers take that trip to Planet Freelance for many reasons. They need to fill a gap when staff go on holidays. Freelancers are the answer when they’re  not ready to add to their full time payroll or when they require a certain skill set not available to them. Whenever they come and whatever they need, we will be ready for them. If you want to experience the freedom of freelancing, call me. And if you want to find the ideal freelancer, I will always be your go to person.

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