I’ll blow out the candles but I’ll never lose the fire.

I’ll blow out the candles but I’ll never lose the fire. It’s the 10-year anniversary of The Brownbill Effect and while it sounds like a long time, it’s flown by. I launched The Creative Directory as a marketing tool for people who needed someone – specifically me – to talk them up. I started shouting […]

Should you ever work for free as a photographer?

A trained photographer, through The Brownbill Effect, Sally Brownbill connects creative talent from all corners of the industry. She provides career leadership and advice and also consults on the design and editing of photography portfolios and websites.  Firstly, it is important to note that every job that is put in front of you should be looked […]

Life is shaking the tree.

And work’s not what it used to be. The abrupt changes to the way we live, and work made many of us stop and think about what we really want. The last few years have shaken the tree. How will we manage everything that fell out? We all know work will never be the same, […]

Take a deep dive into The Creative Directory.

Take a deep dive into The Creative Directory. Like any exploration of life under the ocean you’ll find something that will surprise you. Yes, you’ll find photographers, videographers, designers, and art directors. You’ll also come across framers, bookbinders, makeup artists and what’s that? Legal representatives. The Creative Directory is one of Australia’s largest networking tools […]

Mine my website for gold and hidden gems

Mine my website for gold and hidden gems. Many people visit thebrownbilleffect.com to visit the Creative Directory, the Assistant Register or for information on all my consultations. That’s where you’ll find the gold. However, I’ve stashed some precious gems under the link Resources. This is the extra content that might inspire. ConversationsOver the years I’ve […]

A free creative showcase

My monthly newsletter is filled with inspiring work from the many clever, artistic, and productive people I know. Seeing what others are doing can often provide the creative boost we need to increase our own efforts.

Let’s get that website sparkling

It might not feel like it’s coming but spring will be here before we know it. The tradition of spring cleaning is a good one. We get the chance to make everything clean and fresh so we can approach our lives with renewed energy.

The challenge of recruiting talent today

I know I’m telling you something you’re already aware of, but the well of potential employees is running dry. This is true for nearly every industry and service in Australia.