Sally's Insights - Have you stopped feeding your soul?

It’s never too late to be who you want to be.

I know ageism exists in our industry but it’s also possible you’re expecting work to fall into your lap, the way it always did. The truth is you no longer have mates in the business putting jobs your way. They’ve all probably retired or moved on since then. But don’t forget, a lot of your success rode on word of mouth and that’s something that can happen again.

I believe it’s possible to find work that feeds your soul at any age.

New research has shown that career pivots are the new norm and people of all ages are increasingly changing careers.

My father went back to university aged 50 and started a new, successful career at 60  years of age. I know creatives closing in on 70 and still successfully freelancing. There are many business owners’ way past 50 also going strong. Age is an attitude, and that attitude is often formed by valued experience and in demand know-how.

I have helped many older creatives establish new careers in line with their passions.

The first step is deciding to finally do what you’ve always wanted. Then we can put a solid plan in place. It might involve brushing up on some skills. You might need to build a new network. Whatever it takes- it will be worth it. Building a new career path that taps into your passions will give you a sense of purpose and belonging. 

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