Sally's Insights - Why I’ve learned the 3 Golden Rules of Forensics

Why I’ve learned the 3 Golden Rules of Forensics.

I’m told I have a forensic knowledge of the creative industry, so I thought I’d dive a little deeper to understand the connection.

The 3 important rules of forensic evidence are:


  1. It must be admissible.

This is the most basic rule and a measure of evidence validity and importance.

This is true for anyone looking for a career or new job in the creative industry.

Their work and potential must be obvious. There should be something about them that stands apart from the rest.


  1. It must be authentic.

All evidence must be tied to the incident in a relevant way.

The same goes for how you present yourself and your work.

It must reflect who you are and clearly show that special something only you can offer.  


  1. It must be complete.

When evidence is presented, it must be clear and complete and should reflect the whole story.

Which is great advice for how you approach your CV, your folio if you have one and your website.


So let the evidence show I can confidently go all forensic on you.

My long experience and great relationships in the industry mean I’m always up to the minute on what employers want to see and how they want it presented. You can count on my opinion about what’s working for you and what isn’t. When you book a career, folio, or website consultation with me you’ll gain a huge advantage over everyone else as well as a solid dose of self belief. Before you put yourself out there, let’s examine everything. You’ll then be as prepared and confident as it’s possible to be. 

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