Sally's Insights - My eBook has grown into a Book Book

My eBook has grown into a Book Book.

I wrote this book to provide inspiration and practical advice for emerging photographers. It started life as an eBook and remains a popular download. I just wish I had an extra dollar for every time someone asked me for a printed copy.

So here it is – a book you can hold in your hands, pop on your bedside table, carry around with you. It offers real guidance, based on my years of personal involvement and experience in helping others – and it is illustrated by Marcus Thomson’s vibrant photography. Based on feedback I now realise it’s not just for photographers – there’s a lot in there for all creatives. The printed version gives everyone a chance to explore the photography and design, as well as touch it, feel the weight of it and bookmark the pages that helped them the most. It’s a hands on experience which is why people are still buying books – especially ones that help them get where they’re going.

If you’re a photographer, you might know a student or assistant who would benefit from getting their hands on the book.

If you’re an emerging creative, it will give you something to hold on to.


You can purchase the printed copy for $44.

Or download the eBook version for $22.

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