Sally's Insights - Are you ready for the freelance dance?

Are you ready for the freelance dance?

It’s that time again. Things are tight, you’ve had to let some senior people go and now you’re looking for freelancers to fill the gaps.

It’s important to remember that finding the right one (or two or three)  is as important as finding the right full time employee.

There’s a fine art to freelancing.

They know how to fit in and how to hit the ground running.

They have the experience to work things out for themselves, never use any one else’s coffee cup and will make the most of every minute. Importantly they can follow a brief and deliver some great work to communicate it.

I have a collection of amazing freelancers who I have represented for many years.

You don’t need any freelancer; you need a good one.

When it’s time to tango, give me a call.

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