Sally's Insights - It’s time to climb out of your rut.

It’s time to climb out of your rut.

It’s a new year and ‘the same old’ just isn’t going to cut it. You know you want a change and I’ve written the book to help you do it.

My new book ‘Leap Into Your Creative Life’ is a powerful mix of inspiring and practical advice for people who long for the work ‘they should be doing’.

I have spent many years listening to people who would give anything to follow their creative dreams. I’ve then worked with them, creating the plans and momentum to help them get there.

‘Leap Into Your Creative Life’ is for people at every stage of their lives. It’s never too late to fulfil your creative ambitions and if you’re just starting out – there’s never been a better time. My first book ‘How to Develop Your Career as a Photographer’ has proven very popular and helpful to many emerging photographers.

This new one talks to the endless list of all creatives.

It gives you permission to go for what you want and shows you it’s possible.

I am so proud of this book. It’s practical and filled with solid, proven feet on the ground advice. It’s also joyous and positive.

Don’t spend another year in the same old groove. ‘Leap Into Your Creative Life’ will give you the motivation you need to make the change.


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