Sally's Insights - The ups and downs of freelancing

Is life just one long

If you’re suited to it, freelancing is a great way to work. For a start, you get some balance in your life. But it can seem a little shaky when the phone doesn’t ring for weeks. That’s when it starts to feel like a roller coaster ride. Yes, they can be fun, but you wouldn’t want to live on one.

When you’re freelancing you essentially have a business and it’s important to keep working on that business, especially in downtimes. I know how to help you do that.

For example, do I have your updated CV? Many great opportunities for freelancers – from agencies, direct clients and design studios – come across my desk, so it’s essential you let me know you’re out there. I could also take a look at your folio. You’d be amazed at what can happen when you get another pair of eyes across your work. Then there’s the Creative Directory, which will connect you to one of the biggest networks in Australia. And bring me along as a cheerleader. So if you’re a little quiet, and even if you’re not, the first step in working on your freelance business is to contact me.

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