Sally's Insights - The same old, same old won’t bring you something new

The same old, same old
won’t bring you
something new.

The photos of you sunning yourself around the Mediterranean were fabulous. No really, I loved checking them out as I tugged on the layers every freezing winter’s morning.

Anyway, you’re back now and as I’m in a forgiving mood, let’s discuss some life decisions you possibly made on your holiday. 

It’s hard to return to a life that’s less than inspired – so why not change things for the better. A new job is a good place to start and there are some exciting opportunities out there. 

So, are your CV and folio, if you have one in good shape?  Do they have the same post holiday sparkle you do? I think we both know the answer. 

A consult with me will pull everything together and help you leap into the next phase of your working life. Let’s get them both in the best possible shape, make sure they’re relevant to what matters right now and represent the best possible version of you.

Even if you haven’t been on holiday, the time to get started is now. Contact me for a consult today.

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