Sally's Insights - The Printed Book

It can sit on your
COMPUTER or your

I wanted to create an eBook for emerging photographers, and I know it has been helpful to the many who have purchased it. According to the feedback I’ve received, ‘How to Develop Your Career as a Photographer’ also offers inspiration and motivation to all creatives. A lot of the business and career advice works for anyone looking to establish themselves in the creative industry.

People have been very generous and positive with their feedback, and I’ve appreciated it all. I’m often told many chapters including those on networking, collaboration, taking on the challenge of change, the nuts, and bolts of business, and how to put a great folio together are pure gold.

One common theme has been ‘we’d love a hard copy version’.

So, I’d like to announce ‘here it is’.

I understand people like to hold a book in their hands, especially when it contains great photography from Marcus Thomson throughout the pages. Another reason it will look great on your coffee table.

From our shop you can order either a downloadable PDF version for $20 or a hard copy for $40. As I have only printed a small number, make sure you secure yours as soon as you can.

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