Sally's Insights - The New Dream Team

Do we still need
creative teams?

Over the years I’ve developed a skill in putting people together in creative teams. Many of these teams are still entrenched in the industry.

We can argue that, as the printed medium is no longer the primary creative product of any modern agency, the conventional teaming of the talents of a copywriter and art director is possibly an outmoded way of working. I know an extension to the idea of teams is taking shape but I also know the traditional structure is still working well for many agencies. The new dream team contains a writer and art director who can think beyond their primary skillset. They are also open to including others in their process. Fundamentally they continue to take responsibility for cracking the brief and creating something big. Putting a dream team together begins with chemistry, that spark of recognition between similar creative spirits. They have to get on well if they’re to tolerate the pressure of developing ideas to tight deadlines. A similar work ethic is essential, as is a desire and stamina to keep going until the idea is a big one.

The concept of a creative team might be morphing into many different shapes which I totally embrace but I believe there will always be a place for the writer/art director at its heart.

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