Sally's Insights - Still on a break?

The Graduates Guide to getting unstuck.

Graduates deserve to take a break. Now you’re refreshed but you might also be feeling stuck – unsure about what happens next. Here is a guide to getting unstuck and getting on with it.

Make an action plan.

  • Take another look at your folio if you have one. Is it still great or are there any tweaks you can make? Do you have any new work that belongs in there?

  • Bring fresh eyes to your C.V. Could it be more interesting, more creative?

  • Research the people or organisations you’d like to work for? Then let them know why. Don’t get disheartened if nothing happens right away. Junior creatives become mid-weight creatives and positions open up.

  • Build your networks through social media and attending events such as exhibitions. You must make the effort to be seen and meet new people. 

  • Use the networks you already have – they could be your family, friends, or other graduates who have started work. Practice making connections, it’s a skill you’ll need all your working life.

  • Find a mentor who can help you find your way.  Or talk to me.  A career consult will get you organised, build your confidence and get you out there.

Get physically and mentally ready.

You must approach this like you’re training for a marathon.

Get enough sleep and make sure you eat well.

Building your physical fitness will help you feel confident and revitalised. 

Positivity and belief in yourself create a great energy to be around.

Don’t feel stuck. Contact me and we’ll make a plan that will work for you. I’m sure as soon as you make your move, doors will open up.

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