Sally's Insights - Sometimes the job needs an anti-recruiter

the data-base.

Someone I recently placed in a job called me ‘the anti-recruiter’. He meant it as a compliment and it started me thinking about the importance of genuine connection. I’ve spent over two decades forming relationships built on trust and a sincere desire to help people. I suppose it works for me because I love people, especially creative spirits. And the people who employ them. It’s much easier to fit someone into the perfect job when you know and respect everyone involved.

Actually, I’ve never considered myself to be a recruiter. I’m a connector. I bring people together. Everyone who uses the Brownbill Effect is known to me, we’ve shared stories and laughed together. They will always be more than a name on a database.

So if you’re looking for freelance or permanent work, or someone to work for you, connect with me today.

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