Sally's Insights - Should you ever work for free as a photographer?

A trained photographer, through The Brownbill Effect, Sally Brownbill connects creative talent from all corners of the industry. She provides career leadership and advice and also consults on the design and editing of photography portfolios and websites. 

Firstly, it is important to note that every job that is put in front of you should be looked at individually. Rarely are any two circumstances the same.

My golden rule is that nothing is for free. Your time is money and time is what we are all lacking.

However, as always there are exceptions to the rule.

If you have been asked to shoot a job for a client, where everyone on set is giving their time for free because it is for a charity, for example, and you feel strongly about the cause and you have the time , then it is ok to work for free.

Or If you and another person are collaborating on a project together, where no one is being paid and you can see the value for your own folio and it’s a great idea and concept, then go for it

Where other people are being paid for the job and you are asked to shoot for free, or they say it will benefit your folio…  it is not ok.

In these instances you can certainly reduce your rate if it’s an amazing opportunity,  but it is not fair or right for anyone, who is being paid themselves, to ask you to work for free.

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