Sally's Insights - My book for photographers has a message for you

Last year I wrote an eBook for emerging photographers. My intention was to help them navigate the world of work, build a business, and generally establish themselves in their chosen career. The book is now up on my website and out in the world. The feedback has been fantastic. Many readers have told me they’ve found so much to inspire and motivate them, I could take out the word photographer and replace it with their job title. With this in mind I thought I’d introduce the book to you by discussing some of the chapters that are of general interest.

Chapter 2.

The challenge of change

In this chapter I talk about the resilience required to adapt to change

and discuss some exercises that can help build that strength. We can easily become paralysed with stress and unable to do anything. So, focusing on what you can manage becomes very important. I talk about how to deal with one problem at a time, focus on what you can do (instead of getting swamped with what you can’t control) and how to stay confident through it all. When you use it to your advantage, stress can put you back in charge. It’s important to look at what’s in front of us and not be fearful of the future.

Chapter 8.

Don’t Think Twice

Second guessing yourself in any situation is a waste of precious time and effort. This chapter discusses the nature of self doubt and why it’s important to believe in yourself, get clear on what you’re capable of and stick to your path. As you overcome second guessing yourself, you’ll find your bearings and start to trust in your own value and the good opinions of other people.

Chapter 1.


Creative people know their success is based on inspiration. I believe this is true for everyone. We all need to tap into something that inspires us if we are ever to complete work that inspires others. This chapter talks about making a commitment to a vision. People are drawn to high energy and positivity. They are more inclined to help people who are making a genuine effort at developing their talent. The best way to inspire others is to be yourself and let your enthusiasm shine.

Chapter 3.

You are the difference

You already have something no one else in your industry can claim.

It’s the collection of energy, ethics and self belief that makes you who you are. This chapter covers how important it is to recognise your own value. You have goals and they should be about your work, about you. Your confidence, your knowledge, and your belief in yourself is what will help you succeed. Being yourself is a critical aspect of how you relate to people. The way you approach life, and your moral compass will have as much effect on your career as your work.  Think of clients as a lot more than a money tree. Look after them, think about ways you can help them and give them a little bit extra – if you make it a policy to always give a client more, there’s a possibility you will have that client for life.

This is just a taste of four of the chapters in the 86-page eBook. Others that might interest you cover networking, the nuts and bolts of setting up a business, avoiding mistakes and the importance of collaboration.

The book features the photography of Marcus Thomson, was designed by Jessica Do and is available in our shop for $20. I know you’ll find a lot to motivate you in your chosen career.

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