Sally's Insights - It’s time for a fresh start

Do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Does the air smell sweeter where you are?  Is the sun shining a little brighter?  

We are all buzzing with the joy of life returning to something like normal. It’s important to use this time to think about how we can change the things that haven’t worked for us in the past. There’s no point in repeating any of them. This is all about pressing the reset button and shaping our lives to suit the times.  Lots of people are up and about, chasing dreams. They are looking for ways to reinvent themselves or just make the most of who they are already.

The creative industry is also springing to life and there are some fantastic jobs out there. A lot of them are coming across my desk. So, polish up that CV, reorganise your folio and get them to me. Make sure they both represent who you are now. If you’d like help with the refurbishing, book a career or folio consult with me. Together we’ll make the most of this brand-new day.

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