Sally's Insights - I’ll blow out the candles but I’ll never lose the fire.

I’ll blow out the candles but I’ll never lose the fire.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of The Brownbill Effect and while it sounds like a long time, it’s flown by.

I launched The Creative Directory as a marketing tool for people who needed someone – specifically me – to talk them up. I started shouting out about them then, and I’ve been shouting ever since.

For the past 10 years I’ve had the opportunity to help them network, find work and make the most of everything they have.

Back then creatives didn’t tend to use social media for business networking, certainly not as much as they do today. These days I am part of their marketing plan for the year. They also enjoy being a member of the Directory’s creative community and I still find people prefer having me advocate for them than doing it alone.

The Brownbill Effect has grown to be a lot more but I’m proud of the hand- picked talent who have made their mark on the Creative Directory, and I want to thank them all for being part of it.

I love working with creative people and I enjoy what I do as much as I ever did.

The fire still burns brightly and will for many years to come.

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