Sally's Insights - I will find you

And I will KILL YOU with

And personal attention and follow-ups. In fact, everything you’d expect from someone who has honed a particular set of skills over many years.

In that time, I have developed a large network of creatives, production managers, account/branding people and others who fit around the edges. This network is not just names in a file. We have a relationship.

I know everyone, what they’re capable of and why the right person would be perfect for you. It works back the other way.  

If you’re looking for full-time work, I am connected to a range of creative and corporate companies and businesses, big and small. They are all going places, have strong cultures and look after their people.

Yes, I probably watched a few too many movies over the Easter break, but I am determined. I don’t know who you are, but I do know what you want.


I will look for you.

I will find you

And I will look after you.


Don’t make me hunt you down.

Call Sally Brownbill 0403 382 831 or email

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