Sally's Insights - “I even get a little bit excited when I see Sally’s name pop up on my phone!” – Scott Ritchie (pixelshifter)

“I even get a little bit

Scott’s excited because it probably means another job is coming in. And he loves chatting to Sally Brownbill.

As Bill Wood says about Sally “To have positive and productive people in your life is something everyone needs more of today.”

Scott Ritchie joined the Creative Directory four years ago and since then “it has really helped in keeping pixelshifter’s schedule as full as possible.”

Toni Newman from Toni + Co is amazed by Sally’s skill in sourcing the right people for the right job. “She is tireless in her efforts and her ability to match skill sets to specific projects is mind-boggling”.

If you’re on the Creative Directory on the Brownbill Effect, you get seen by more people than you can imagine because the Creative Directory is the most effective creative network in Australia. Mainly because it has the force that is Sally Brownbill behind it.

Would you like a full work schedule? Would you like to reach the people who need to know about you? Most of all, would you like Sally Brownbill in your corner?

For a measly $250 a year you can be part of it.

You’re right. There’s nothing to think about.

Call Sally Brownbill 0403 382 831 or email

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