Sally's Insights - How will the one you want, also want you?

No, you haven’t wandered onto a dating site but to be honest, when it comes to hiring people in 2022, we can learn something from the matchmakers.  Especially the importance of boosting your positives and presenting your business as a desirable place to work.

Let there be no doubt this is an employee’s market – an abundance of job opportunities has delivered them the time and space to pick and choose. The employer can’t help being consumed with finding the right person for the job. However, in this employment market you must also concentrate on being the right workplace for any prospective employee. So, what should an interview cover so the person you choose also chooses you?

Here are six major workplace attributes people are looking for.

An appealing work culture.

This is the character of your business, it’s values and direction. Unless work has gone into creating and defining a workplace culture, it usually reflects the beliefs and attitudes of its owners or managers. This makes achieving a positive culture a bit of a lottery. In 2022 we must take a closer look at the behaviours and attitudes that are accepted and encouraged throughout the business. Talk about your workplace culture, its positives and what is being done to improve it further.

A purpose to the work.

Younger employees like to feel there is a purpose to what the business does, and therefore their role. People don’t like the idea they are just a cog in a wheel. In the interview, define the big picture surrounding their work, the broader community or business need the product or service satisfies and why their individual role has genuine importance.

Flexible working arrangements.

Some potential employees will prefer a structured working life, others will prefer more flexibility. If possible, offer working hours that will suit your main candidate. See if you can also build in time and budgets to offer wellness pursuits such as lunchtime exercise classes.

Modern facilities and equipment.

You’ll be in prime position if you can offer state of the art, or at least modern equipment for them to work on. Make sure employee facilities are also up to scratch e.g., showers in bathrooms, coffee maker and filtered water in the tea rooms and make sure you mention them. 

To have their opinion heard.

Let them know they won’t regret choosing your company by outlining you feedback systems. They will be entering a great workplace but the opportunity to make it even better is there. Establish that the channels for suggested improvements are open and if possible, will be acted upon.

Opportunities for training and promotion

Again, you’ll be at the head of the queue if you can promise promotion within the organisation. Help them understand the path they can take. If you can offer training to further their current skill set or develop a compatible one, all the better.  

Yes, the potential employee must show you they are ideal for the job. Right now, you also have to prove your business would be perfect for them. Perhaps you can’t offer all the points outlined above but even acknowledging you know they’re important will help. As will taking steps towards embracing them.

People have always wanted to feel of value and appreciated in their work. Their preference would always be to work in a positive, inclusive workplace that listens to their opinions and suggestions. Everyone desires the opportunity to further their career and work with the best equipment and facilities. In the past these are the conditions people hoped for. This generation is demanding them.

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