Sally's Insights - How to recruit the right people in 2022

As we know, times have changed for everything, everywhere and this is especially true for recruitment.

Businesses not directly hit by the pandemic are rushing to find the right talent to speed up the recovery process. In these cases, the temptation to fill these roles immediately will be greater than ever.

It’s even more important right now for every employer to make the time to identify the key attributes of the people they want to employ. Finding the right person for the right job has always been important but it’s even more crucial now. You want to keep employee turnover to a minimum especially as there will be fewer applicants for roles, at least in the short term.

How will you make sure you attract and choose the best person for the job?

The best kind of interview is a conversation. By all means have a list of questions you’d like answered (more about those later) but make sure you are getting to know the person behind the application. The prospective employee might tick all the boxes but what about their demeanour, their personality? What will indicate that you and other employees can work with this person? You don’t want to throw a hand grenade into an office that is working well.

The best way to get to know anyone is to find out more about them.

What are their interests? What do they like to do in their spare time?

Many years ago, the head publicist for a Melbourne TV station hired someone because they both had a passion for the rock band, The Angels. (I told you it was a while ago). She soon became a highly valued employee, working there for over 20 years. I understand we need to tick more boxes than that, but you can find out a lot about someone by having a conversation, rather than a formal interview.

What questions will help you navigate your way through the interview?

Find out why they want to work with you. What attracts them to your company, importantly what do they already know about your company? This is a good time to invite them to ask you any questions they might have about your business. Their questions will also give you real insight into the way they think and what’s important to them. People often wait until the end of the interview for this, but I find it can kick start an interesting new direction when discussed earlier. 

If they’ve previously worked in this role, ask them what they loved about it and what they love about the industry. What were some of the challenges they faced and how did they find their way through them?

Then there are the obvious questions around familiarity with the technology and equipment you use.

Right now, an employee’s ability with remote working tools, apps and software has shot to greater prominence. Make sure you get a clear idea of how they stay motivated, the systems they put in place to meet deadlines and other self generated problem-solving techniques they use when working remotely. Even if the plan is for them to be working in the office, we know what happens to the best laid plans.

What will you make of their CV?

Call me old fashioned but I believe every CV should be accompanied by a cover letter. It’s a big tick if in 2022, someone can communicate in full sentences. It also shows they understand protocol.

CV’s read a lot differently these days. You don’t often see the ‘stayed in one job for years and years’ CV anymore. Don’t be put off if the list of roles indicates they’ve jumped around a bit. People do a lot of contract work; they fill in for those on maternity or paternity leave and so on. It’s a different world to the one we knew.

If they’re applying for a junior position check their other interests e.g., what clubs or sporting clubs do they belong to? (yes, they understand teamwork), what hobbies do they have? (yes, they might be open to trying something new) and so on. Have they been developing their skills beyond their studies ? Check if they had a part time job while studying. Basically, this section will tell you if they’re a well-rounded young person who might fit in with everyone.

I like to remind people I consider myself a connecter rather than a recruiter. I enjoy the process of bringing people together, those well suited to the job and the culture of the business. Once you have established your applicant can do the job, the genuine connection you feel with them is the main indication you have found who you’re looking for.

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