Sally's Insights - He said, ‘you know me, you know our clients, you know who works here….’

He said, “you know me, you know our clients, you know who works here….”

Like any good matchmaker I have a superb instinct for who will fit together.

It’s just that in the beginning, I’m the one who has the relationship.

The headline to this article is a direct quote from a client who was looking for the ideal person to fill a role. He was correct – I did know exactly what he and his business offered, and I also knew who would fit right in.

I believe my success in finding the right person for the right job comes down to the lasting relationships I develop with my clients. It helps that I’m genuinely interested in people and care about them. And that I don’t operate as a recruiter – I certainly don’t charge like one and I’m not about the numbers. Every placement is personal.

If we already know each other, let’s catch up for a coffee very soon. I’d love to hear your plans for 2023. If we are yet to meet, please get in touch. I’d enjoy finding out more about you and exactly who you’re looking for.

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