Sally's Insights - Even if your folio is great, it can always be better

Let’s take a LONG,
HARD LOOK at your folio

Isn’t it exciting there are so many fabulous jobs available right now? I wonder if your folio is good enough to land one. You wouldn’t believe the number of talented creatives who lose opportunities because their folios don’t represent them properly. Perhaps yours is in good shape but when was the last time you had another pair of eyes across it? I’ve challenged creatives and shaped their folios for many years. Often, it’s what they want to hear vs. what they need to hear but we always get there in the end. I find their success is a great reward. I know there are creative workshops and boot camps and whatever, that offer folio overhauls as part of the package. I wonder how they stack up against a highly specialised, one-on-one consultation with someone who knows the business inside out. Of course, I mean me. And I’m ready to help. Book your folio consultation today.

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