Sally's Insights - Curating a book is a good idea.

It’s why I’ve been doing it for 20 years.

People talk to me about producing creative books as if this is something new.

I understand the excitement because I’ve curated work in this way for over 20 years.

This is why I would encourage everyone to take advantage of my experience and deliver a page turner. The most effective creative books have an ebb and flow to them- skilled curation turns work into art.

It’s often difficult to apply the decision-making process to your own creative work It’s not that you’re being self critical or not critical enough- you just need another set of eyes across everything. This is how we showcase your ability and strengths, but only the most effective pieces will make the cut. Your creative book should be a masterpiece of pacing and presentation.

Like any great story, your book will have a captivating beginning, middle and end.

I’ll help you make sure it impresses everyone who sees it.  Take advantage of my years of experience and organise a consultation today.

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