Mine my website for gold and hidden gems

Mine my website for gold and hidden gems. Many people visit thebrownbilleffect.com to visit the Creative Directory, the Assistant Register or for information on all my consultations. That’s where you’ll find the gold. However, I’ve stashed some precious gems under the link Resources. This is the extra content that might inspire. ConversationsOver the years I’ve […]

Julie Kimpton

Hi there, I’m Julie. Snr. Professional Markets manager at Nikon Australia. Change channels, and I’m a self-taught Art Gal, who loves to paint, draw, photograph, and immerse myself in the creative. Mum and dad said art is a hobby and not a career. Well, I disagree. Art and Photography is my career, and I love […]

Carly Michael

Carly Michael has spent her whole life surrounded by photos having grown up in her family’s camera store – michaels camera video and digital. When Covid hit, the family decided to close the store so she took the opportunity to become a Professional Photo Organiser – something she had developed a passion for during her […]