Sally Talks With David Astle | ABC in Melbourne

The Brownbill Effect Sally talks with David Astle about her new book!  ‘Leap into Your Creative Life’ is aimed at everyone wanting to enter the creative industry including those looking to change careers. The information it contains applies across many disciplines. Click play to hear more! Share it around… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Vanessa Gerrans

Vanessa Gerrans has been the CEO of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB Inc) since 2022. With a background in directing museums and institutions, she assembled a new creative team to execute the 10th Anniversary of the Biennale. Simultaneously, Gerrans is spearheading the development of the National Centre, set to transform the former Union Bank […]

The ups and downs of 2023.

The ups and downs of 2023. It turns out 2023 was the year I was prepared for in post-Covid 2022. The lows were as low as the highs were high and I know some creatives had to learn new skills to survive. Many changed careers and others realised only multi tasking would help them keep […]

More people are moving to Planet Freelance.

More people are moving to Planet Freelance. They are drawn to the freedom out there. Right now everyone is seeking a greater work life balance and freelancing can offer that. But it is a whole new world. Freelancing is a business, and it’s important to keep working on your business. The challenges of managing the […]

Let’s have a fully focused festival of you.

Let’s have a fully focused festival of you. I would love you to achieve your full potential in your work, and as a creative soul. The best place to start is with a consult. How often do you get to talk about yourself for hours? How often to do you have someone focused on you […]