This is next level networking

This is next level networking. We all know the importance of networking. It helps build lasting professional relationships, opens doors to new opportunities, and creates important collaborations. The Creative Directory and the Assistant Register on the Brownbill Effect takes networking to the next level. For 10 years the Creative Directory has been the go to network […]

John Skaro

How did you get into the advertising industry – was it by accident or design? It was by accident, and yet with the right intentions, I guess…. I wanted to be a sports writer (cricket journo, to be precise – and thank Christ that didn’t come to pass… “elite” cricketers have never been my favourite people, […]

Let’s map out your next steps.

Let’s map out your next steps. To fully unlock your potential, it helps to visualise a map of where you are and where you’re heading. Between those two points are all the steps it will take to get there. This is your Career Map and it’s what I will help you create during our Career […]

My eBook has grown into a Book Book

My eBook has grown into a Book Book. I wrote this book to provide inspiration and practical advice for emerging photographers. It started life as an eBook and remains a popular download. I just wish I had an extra dollar for every time someone asked me for a printed copy. So here it is – […]

When you can’t say forever, plan for right now.

When you can’t say forever, plan for right now. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us and this makes it hard to plan long term. And yet many people tell me the work keeps coming in. When you’re not ready to commit to more full time employees, it’s time to call on a great […]

Landscape Photography World: Ep. 107 – Sally Brownbill

Landscape Photography World: Ep. 107 – Sally Brownbill After graduating from RMIT with a photographic degree, Sally Brownbill ventured to the UK, landing a job in British TV production and West End theatre. Returning to Melbourne, she founded The Flash Place and began teaching photography at RMIT. Through her work, she realized her passion for […]

Robbie Brammall

Robbie is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Mona in Hobart. He’s tasked with making mischief and money for over forty creatively driven brands – from the museum and its summer festival, to a brewery (Moo Brew), three wineries (Moorilla, Domaine A, Stoney Vineyard), a skincare company that repurposes river sludge as a luxury […]