Sally's Insights - 2022. There will be dragons

There will be

We’ve learned enough over the last few years to know 2022 won’t be a smooth ride.

While planning out the year ahead, we must prepare to be knocked off our perch now and then. We can handle it. I advocate accepting a healthy dose of realism but I’m also a great believer in the power of a positive approach. And the great things that happen when we focus on what we can control.

Let’s get together for a career consultation to clearly establish where you are right now and where you’d like to go. Then we’ll plan the action- the steps that will take you there. I know our consult will recalibrate your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.

A folio or CV consultation will polish your presentation and show you and your work to great advantage. You might think they are both doing a good job, but you probably can’t see for looking. Another pair of eyes is needed across everything.

Consult with me before you plunge into 2022. Together we could slay those dragons and make this the best year ever.

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