Kate Geraghty

Kate Geraghty is an Australian photojournalist with The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper since 2002. Covering daily news and news feature projects both in Australia and overseas. Her career focus has been on the aftermath of conflicts and the plight of those societies caught in the violence. She has covered the Bali Bombings, the 2003 invasion […]

Martin Karaffa

Martin Karaffa helps brands and organizations harness the power of cultural forces to develop a global strategy.  He’s an independent brand consultant based in Munich, as well as being an Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights in Helsinki, and an Intercultural Communications Consultant with the UN in New York. He’s worked as that rare creature, a […]

Leah Boulton

Leah Boulton was educated at RMIT (Australia) and Harvard (USA). She spent 20+ years as an Art Director in multinational advertising agencies in Australia and the UK. In 2014, Leah founded Pathways Melbourne, providing confidential peer and practical support for people questioning beyond their ultra-Orthodox Jewish world. This prompted a career change and is now […]

Kellie Northwood

Kellie Northwood is the Chief Executive Officer of The Real Media Collective, an industry Association representing the paper, print, mail, publishing and distribution sectors across Australia and New Zealand. She provides expertise across brand, marketing and communications with efficacy strategies of through the line channels, corporate and sustainable branding programs and tactical evaluation modelling. Ms […]

Jess Do

Hi! My name is Jess and I’m a recent Swinburne graduate of Communication Design (Honours). I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam and moved to Australia with my family in 2009. I’m currently an intern and junior designer at The Brownbill Effect!  What made you study Graphic Design? I’ve always had an interest in art ever […]

Jane Chisholm

Not long after finishing secondary school in Brisbane, with ‘Asia on a Shoestring’ as my only guide, I went backpacking along the hippie trail. That’s where I found my love of photography. After Asia, I could not bear to come back to Bjelke-Petersen’s Queensland, so in the late 70s, I fled to Melbourne, where I […]

John Brownbill

I was born on the 12th of September 1929 right at the beginning of the Great Depression. As a small boy, I remember seeing many houses around us in Camberwell up for auction because people couldn’t afford to keep them. Dad often explained to me that businesses were closing, there were no jobs and people […]

Tracee Hutchison

Tracee Hutchison is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, arts/media executive, educator and author with over 30 years’ experience at the highest level in Australian and international radio and television. A pioneering Australian radio broadcaster, Tracee’s career began at the ABC’s youth station, TripleJ, where she hosted the first show of the national network. Her high-profile on-air […]

Jesse Marlow

How did you get into Photography? – was it by accident or design? I began taking photos as an eight-year-old in the 1980s, as the first wave of graffiti walls began appearing around Melbourne. Armed with my mum’s Minolta SRT101, we would head out on weekends and school holidays looking for newly finished walls. I […]

Isamu Sawa

Born in Japan and raised in Australia, Isamu Sawa is one of Australia’s leading commercial photographers with a career spanning more than 25 years.  Based in Melbourne, “Issey” has amassed a vast clientele of International Brands, including Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Renault, IWC, Schweppes and Penfolds. His editorial work has also featured in GQ, Vogue and […]