Michael Robinson Chávez

Michael Robinson Chávez, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, was captivated by photography when a friend lent him a camera before a journey to Peru. Half Peruvian and a native Californian, Chávez has established himself as a prominent visual journalist. With a 15-year tenure at The Washington Post and previous roles at The Los Angeles Times, […]

Silvi Glattauer

Silvi Glattauer, a Naarm, Melbourne-based photo-media artist, seamlessly integrates digital and handmade techniques, notably excelling in the contemporary Photopolymer Photogravure process. Her work explores the intersection of these methods, reflecting a deep reverence for nature and ecological awareness. Rooted in meticulous gathering and organising of visual inspirations, her art serves as a tangible expression of […]

Vanessa Gerrans

Vanessa Gerrans has been the CEO of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB Inc) since 2022. With a background in directing museums and institutions, she assembled a new creative team to execute the 10th Anniversary of the Biennale. Simultaneously, Gerrans is spearheading the development of the National Centre, set to transform the former Union Bank […]

Fiona Basile

An accomplished photographer and writer, Fiona brings over two decades of experience to her craft. Although she currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, her professional journey has taken her far and wide, allowing her to immerse herself in diverse cultures and environments. Fiona’s true passion lies in storytelling, as well as capturing the essence of people […]

Ken Cato

This year we have highlighted some of the creative work that grabbed our attention for all the right reasons. We were very impressed by the Cato Brand Partners rebrand for their client, the Mexican cargo airline Mas Air and appreciated the opportunity to talk to Ken Cato about the work. Creating a compelling story. Inspired […]

John Skaro

How did you get into the advertising industry – was it by accident or design? It was by accident, and yet with the right intentions, I guess…. I wanted to be a sports writer (cricket journo, to be precise – and thank Christ that didn’t come to pass… “elite” cricketers have never been my favourite people, […]

Robbie Brammall

Robbie is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Mona in Hobart. He’s tasked with making mischief and money for over forty creatively driven brands – from the museum and its summer festival, to a brewery (Moo Brew), three wineries (Moorilla, Domaine A, Stoney Vineyard), a skincare company that repurposes river sludge as a luxury […]

Ferne Millen

This year we want to highlight some of the creative work that grabbed our attention for all the right reasons. We loved photographer Ferne Millen’s entry in the Olive Cotton Award, an annual award for photographic portraiture. On 15th of July, Ferne won the 2023 Director’s Choice Award for her portrait of Dr Todd Fernando […]

Adam Connolly

How did you get into the Video Production Industry – was it by accident or design? I’d say it was by design, but later in life than I would have liked. I come from a family of tradies and blue collar workers, a trade was always the path I would follow and something I deeply […]

Renece Brewster

Renece Brewster is the CEO and co-founder of Visual Domain, Australia’s largest in-house video production agency. Under her leadership, Visual Domain was acquired by News Corp in October 2021, further accelerating its growth and opportunities. Renece has a passion for emerging tech and has partnered with her hustle and grit to build a multidisciplinary business that […]