In Conversation with Ken Cato

This year we have highlighted some of the creative work that grabbed our attention for all the right reasons. We were very impressed by the Cato Brand Partners rebrand for their client, the Mexican cargo airline Mas Air and appreciated the opportunity to talk to Ken Cato about the work.

Creating a compelling story.

Inspired by a change of management and a growing fleet, the Mexican cargo airline Mas Air decided to update their brand identity.

The word ‘mas’ is Spanish for ‘more’ and Cato Brand Partners, the company’s chosen design group felt more than an update was required.

‘Their existing brand, an eagle was reminiscent of Garuda the Indonesian airline,’ said Ken Cato ‘and although we explored a reinvention, we did want to create something that stepped outside the traditional cargo carrier representation.’

A lot of time went into the initial strategic work ‘we’re loud listeners’ said Cato, and the resultant creative went straight to the heart of what the Mexican company stands for.

Cato Brand Partners’ Americas office managing director and partner, Ricardo Saca pointed out the use of a ‘broader visual design,’ rather than simply a static logo, offers a flexible yet instantly recognisable design language.

“The striking new dynamic box design represents the flow of cargo, making the business strategy visible, while retaining the green provides continuity for the brand,” Saca said.

Ken Cato said it was a strong example of ‘design and brand making the business strategy visible to tell their story, rather than pretending to be something they’re not.”

He believes every business wants an authentic brand identity, but many are nervous about stepping outside the perceived parameters of their industry. 

The Mas Air leadership team did not hesitate to embrace the completely new direction and the strong statement it makes on the tarmac. In fact, Cato said they delivered the biggest accolade his group has ever received.

“You gave us the confidence to be who we thought we were”.

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