In Conversation with Toni Newman – Again!

TBE Platinum Member, Toni Newman, Owner/Producer/Casting Consultant/Stylist of Toni + Co Productions and Owner/Stylist of The Styling Business, chat’s with TBE.

Around 14 years ago, Toni set up advertising production company, Toni + CoProductions, which sees her organise large, medium and small scale & budget photo & TV/motion shoots. As well as manage budgets & crew, style wardrobe, props and cast talent (both models & real people) for a multitude of advertising brands and clients. These clients include some amazing brands such as Country Road, Hard Yakka, Blundstone, BlameySaunders, Crown Casino, CHiKhi Kids, CSIRO, Caydon Properties, Mirvac, BONDS, Target, City of Melbourne, Business Development Victoria, Nike, QIC, Honda and Hummer to name a handful.

“I have spent nearly 25 years working in the advertising industry, gathering a multitude of skills across many areas relating to still photography and motion production, wardrobe & prop styling and casting talent.”

She helps advertising agencies, design companies, photographers, other production companies and direct clients with any of their advertising & production needs – and loves it!

Over a year ago she started The Styling Business (i: the_styling_business f: The Styling Business); a styling, organising and consulting service targeted at helping private clients make-over their homes & wardrobes, which runs con-currently to Toni + Co Productions. Her focus is to make a house a home and create practical, stylish wardrobes for real people.

What inspires you?

Many different people from all walks of life inspire me every day, in particular my family. I love hanging with people who are genuine, honest, funny and kind. visually, just being out watching people, looking at the scenery and being about can set off an idea.

What was your first break?

Advertising first break: a production company out of New York contacted me to produce a shoot for Nike they were shooting in Melbourne. This came from a referral from Mojo who I was doing some freelance production for at the time. The Styling Business: friends of ours had an old 1970’s caravan/annexe with original faux wood, orange/brown upholstery and daggy curtains that needed a big spruce up and I convinced them I could do it for them ‘on the sniff of an oily rag! I shopped, painted, made curtains, re-upholstered and re-styled everything and it came up a treat. From then I was off and running!

Tell us what you are currently working on?

I recently produced, cast and styled wardrobe/props/food for a top secret advertising video campaign that will launch shortly. From that, I was asked to style the owners of the company for the world-wide media launch.

The Styling Business: I’ve been working on the interior design for a boutique pilates studio, styling a babies nursery, I re-worked/styled an LA actor Rahart Adams (Pacific Rim Uprising, Nowhere Boys, Emo The Musical….) and re-worked the complete wardrobe of actor Paul Allica. I’ve also just finished working with a company, consulting & setting up a roof top garden for an event for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

I’m really enjoying the diversity of the projects that are coming my way!

Top tips for an aspiring producer/stylist?

Be flexible, arrive on time, provide solutions, be resourceful, think outside the square and don’t expect to be producing huge campaigns for your very first job.

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