In Conversation with Tommy McCubbin

Who is Tommy McCubbin?

I’ve been tinkering with the internet since the 90’s, making websites in my attic when I was at school.

Then I studied advertising at RMIT (with Sal), and realised the intersection of technology and ideas was where I wanted to focus my work.

I went to London to work at Ogilvy, Interactive Director at Clemenger BBDO, and recently finished as Group Creative Director at CHE Proximity.

My focus now is on Creative Consulting for agencies and brands, and developing my podcast, Future Sandwich – the podcast that has a sandwich with people making the future happen today.

Who (or what) inspires you?

I am inspired by people that call bullshit on the old way of doing things, and has a crack at changing them, and making them better. I think what Elon Musk is doing is phenomenal, I am equally excited and terrified at the empire Jeff Bezos is building, and I miss seeing Obama in the White House – I thought he was a brilliant leader. If I am ever stuck for inspiration, I will read a book – I get huge value from reading anything from novels to business books.

How did you get your first break?

I got an internship in the Creative Department at Singleton Ogilvy & Mather in my final year at RMIT. It was over holidays, and when it came to the last Friday of the internship, nobody said goodbye, so Pat, my copywriter at the time, and I just came back the following Monday. We didn’t leave for 6 months, and RMIT passed us. I suppose there is no better place to learn than in the trenches.

Tell us why you have chosen to go out on your own after years in Ad Agencies?

When I first started out, my 20-year-old self thought being a Creative Director was everything. When I got there, I found I was spending more time managing than thinking about ideas, and that was not what a deal breaker. I also believe the future of work is companies that have zero employees, and they build freelancers around projects as needed. Advertising has been really good to me, but it’s time I tried something new, and had a go at creating my own revenue.

Check out Tommy’s site for his latest work (with Alec Baldwin)

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