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The Creative Network for Studio Hire

Knowing the photography industry as I do, I have certainly been in hundreds of studios in my time. With that knowledge I have hand picked these studios listed here so you can feel comfortable that they are all inspirational and comfortable work places to shoot out of.

If you would like to talk to me about a specific need you may have, such as the need for daylight, or food shooting where there are ovens and fridges available, or studios where cars can be driven in or the need for a ground floor studio with roller doors as the products are large and heavy, just give me a call and I will gladly guide you with which studio I think would work best for you.

We have a variety of locations with our photography studios in Sydney and across Melbourne and always looking at new Studios to invite to be listed. So is worth always looking at the site to see who else has come on board and in which areas.

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