In Conversation with Quan Payne

Where do you work and what do you do?

I am the founder and creative director of Studio Payne, a creative studio specializing in lifestyle and luxury sectors.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

An award winning passionate creative with a distinguished career spanning the United States, South Africa and Australia. With a desire to build a culture of creative excellence and to fulfil my vision for ideas that are both inspiring and influential.

With a focus on holistic brand building, I have created brand stories, campaigns, identity systems, design and communication for some of the world’s most iconic and influential companies including Nike, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, COTY, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Chobani, Helmut Lang, Coles, Qantas, Hilton Hotels, Cricket Australia, The Australian Grand Prix, and Woolworths South Africa.

What changes have you seen in the graphic design industry since starting out? The good, the bad and the ugly.

Graphic design when I first started was the a lot about information design, layout and branding, but now we have a convergence of client expectations and the breakdown of traditional roles. Clients rarely come to us for what you would call graphic design these days, but rather an amalgam of design, advertising, experience and strategy.

How do you stay relevant in todays graphic design industry?

Creativity is always relevant, though styles and trends come and go it’s when you rely on one way of being creative that relevance is lost. Staying inspired is so important to what we do, engaging with the culture landscape, both at home and internationally is critical.

Tell us what you are currently working on?

We are working on a lot of lifestyle brand work, particularly in the hotel sector. We are also working with some really exciting clients on new wellness offers.

What would your advice be to a young Designer looking to break into the industry in 2019 and beyond?

Stay open minded, and focus on being great at the basics. Because we are in a trust game, if you can do the small things great, the big things always come.

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