Podcast Episode - Landscape Photography World: Ep. 107 – Sally Brownbill

Landscape Photography World: Ep. 107 - Sally Brownbill

After graduating from RMIT with a photographic degree, Sally Brownbill ventured to the UK, landing a job in British TV production and West End theatre. Returning to Melbourne, she founded The Flash Place and began teaching photography at RMIT. Through her work, she realized her passion for helping creatives find meaningful opportunities, leading her to join Dux Creative Consultancy and later establish Sally Brownbill Consulting.

With a lifetime of experience in the creative industry, she has connected with legends and aspiring talents, nurturing careers and building an extensive network across Australia. In 2013, she founded the Brownbill Effect as a natural progression from her consulting work. Her greatest thrill comes from helping others, a driving force behind her dedication. By guest lecturing and working with students, she stays up to date with the industry and offers support to fellow creatives, ensuring they never feel alone on their journey.

We discuss how Sally moved from photography to consulting, some horror stories from her photography career along with lots more.  

I hope you enjoy the show!

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