Showstoppers - David Barker

This year we want to highlight some of the ads and campaigns that grabbed our attention for all right reasons. We loved the campaign for Ngununggula Art Gallery in N.S.W. and enjoyed talking to David Barker, Director of the Playground Group about the work.

Art is a Journey.

Ngununggula is located halfway between Sydney and Canberra, which is quite a distance for even the most dedicated art lover. Australia’s newest art gallery is definitely worth the hour and a half drive, but how could they convince people to make the effort?

David Barker, Nick Garner, and the team at the Playground Group decided to show the journey as part of the experience. Their campaign demonstrates those who love great art will do whatever they can to get there.

David Barker who wrote and directed the commercial wanted to achieve something that would excite and intrigue people.

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the artist Ben Quilty and Megan Monte, the gallery director. We can achieve a lot when a client is willing to go out on a bit of a ledge.” he said.

In the commercial people smuggle themselves into Ben Quilty’s car, hang glide over the Southern Highlands and package themselves up in the post to get to Ngununggula. The internal gallery shots prove the drama was worth it. The soundtrack, composed by Pete Jones of RanRun Studio suits the playfulness and emotion of the concept.

 “There’s an enjoyment in coming up with an idea you think is right” said Barker, “but you never really know if it’s right until it’s done. Then it’s exhilarating.”

We agree it was a great idea and, even though it’s harder to hang glide from Melbourne, we want to get there. The Southern Highlands is as beautiful as any painting and travelling to Ngununggula will be as rewarding as arriving.

Agency: Atypical
Production: Playground

Writer/Director: David Barker
Producer: Nick Garner
DOP: Alexander Leeway

Editor: Marianne Khoo

Music: Pete Jones, RanRun Studio

Client: Ngununggula
Director: Megan Monte
Assistant Director: Milena Stojanovska

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